VIM Solution For Super Conter

VIM Solution For Super Conter

Super counter” overturned the process of traditional bank service. Through hardware and software, a new service mode “self-service + assistance” is achieve...

Airport Display Solution Plan

Airport Display Solution Plan

In Crecent years, smart applications are prevailing more and more. Among basic human activities, transportation has been always being very important. In which, m...

High Equipment Networking Solution

High Equipment Networking Solution

“Data” is the key to Intelligent Manufacturing, as well as the bottle neck. The Intelligent Manufacturing of high-end equipment craves for informatization an...

Networking Solution For 3D printing

Networking Solution For 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also know as 3D printing, is a family of processes that produces objects by adding material in layers that correspond to successive ...



瑞迅科技是嵌入式计算机系统产品,物联网及解决方案提供商。公司有嵌入式计算机应用平台部 及物联网系统部两大业务部门。


嵌入式计算机平台部主要设计生产基于工业ARM及PowerPC等级的工业计算机产品,公司拥有自有技术研发团队,尤其在嵌入式OS及软件服务方面经过多年 技术积累,能够提供从Kernel层到...


Mission of Ruixun

Promoting intelligent life with embedded technology

Service Centre

Seven service centers in China provide 24-hour solutions

Advantages of Ruixun

Provide nanny service in the whole chain of concept sorting, function realization, production, sales and promotion

Quality assurance

Guarantee the quality of products from seven links: the quality of supplied materials to the quality of customer complaints