VIM Solution For Super Conter

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VIM Solution For Super Conter


Super counter” overturned the process of traditional bank service. Through hardware and software, a new service mode “self-service + assistance” is achieved.
It can provide most non-cash services of personal customers, so that effectively relieve the pressure of traditional bank counters.RockTech MPC-1915 is designed for the ‘Supercounter’ application. With high performance Hexa core CPU RK3399, it provides 11 USB and 7 serial ports. It supports mass data processing come from camera, writing pad, cardreader, keyboard, and so on.Protection against over voltage/current. High standard ESD/EMC. Assuring the equipments security and reliability of financial industry.

Recommended product

  • High performance RK3399 Quad core CPU, 1.8 GHz
  • HDMI,LVDS display interface
  • 6 * USB3.0, 5 * USB2.0, 6 * RS232, 1* RS485
  • Audio, GbE
  • WDT, 4G + double SIM
  • CCC certificate & GB 17636 standard
  • European EMC 3N55032
  • Smart Finance, Smart Terminal,
  • Face recongnition Self-service terminal



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