Airport Display Solution Plan

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Airport Display Solution Plan

In Crecent years, smart applications are prevailing more and more. Among basic human activities, transportation has been always being very important. In which, many hi-techs are used to provide high efficiency and better user experience. AirCports use digital signage based on Industrial PC platform to provide flight information display system. Which not only enhanced the efficiency of operation and management, but also changed the user experience thoroughly. Likewise, digital guiding board in rail
transportation and bus stops provide the same benefits. Advertising is allowed and easily can be done along with the service. So that customer can get maximum utilization of the system. RockTech RK3399 series products can provide decent service to meet such requirements.

Recommended product
  • High performance RK3399 Hexa CPU
  • 4K resolution, two screens of independent content
  • Multiplex display interface (LCD from 3.7 to 65 inch)
  • Timing turn on/off, remote turn on/off, and remote Wake up
  • LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS supported
  • 6 * USB2.0, 4 * RS232, and other ports



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