Complete equipment reversal in the visual interface of HMI-Z

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Sewage treatment//Complete equipment reversal in the visual interface of Rocktech HMI-Z7210 power assistance 


Sewage treatment is an important environmental protection and livelihood project that undertakes the task of improving basic environmental public services and improving water cycle quality. Currently, through active deployment and increased construction efforts, 125 million cubic meters per day have been achieved, and the treatment rate has reached 77.5%. However, there are still problems such as relatively lagging construction of sewage supporting pipe networks, unbalanced equipment construction, partial treatment equipment that cannot fully meet environmental requirements, most of the sludge has not yet received harmless treatment and treatment, low level of wastewater recycling, insufficient equipment construction and operating funds, and inadequate operational supervision.

Many wastewater treatment processes do not form a comprehensive control system due to the intensive cultivation and meticulous cultivation of points. With technological breakthroughs, more complex data models can be created, leading to the development of data acquisition devices and data storage devices. The man-machine interface is an excellent product of data acquisition and data storage equipment.
Realize observation and tracking of data, real-time, change, and computational capabilities, and generate a constantly changing, readable chart.
Ø Analyze data, emphasize the presentation of data, and produce a searchable and interactive chart.
Ø Discover potential associations between data and generate distributed multidimensional images.
Rocktech is an excellent enterprise based on embedded technology in the industrial Internet of Things. Industry benchmark enterprises have put forward current relevant demands to monitor MBR equipment in their respective factories and achieve on-site counter control of I/O ports. To solve the current situation of MBR devices that can achieve cloud monitoring, but cannot reverse control on-site units, lack of monitoring images, data, and technological interaction.
Recommend the human-machine interface HMI-Z7210 produced by Rocktech to achieve its performance and provide guarantee for subsequent product upgrades !
Specific engineering procedures and powerful communication methods ensure data collection.
Design an engineering file for a specific project, stable, only running specific programs, suitable for harsh environments; Standard window development mode, easy to operate and use, providing a simulated running environment for engineering school teams; The built-in mainstream PLC driver includes (Siemens, AB, GE, Mitsubishi, Delta, Modbus master and slave stations) supporting multiple communication methods such as serial port and network port; Provide import/export functions for databases and point tables, and configure them automatically and in batch.
Rich data presentation elements add points to the visual presentation of data.
A variety of graphic and report curve combinations include over 70 graphic elements such as lines, real-time data, animation, statistics, control, groups, and alarm lights; Elements can be saved in groups or templates for future projects; Diversified report and curve display functions, report can be exported to facilitate user data analysis, support png/jpf/gif, copy symbols in Symbol Factory, and other graphical formats, complete vector drawing tools.
High adaptability to secure data and application scenarios is indispensable.
Various security protections can be set with security mechanisms such as engineering passwords and operation permission passwords. TCL voice coding support provides an English style TCL programming language, extending up to 170 dedicated commands. A comprehensive service and stable system provides comprehensive technical and help documents for quick mastery. The system can operate stably for a long time in various harsh environments.
The workflow is clear at a glance.
PLC collects data from grid ditch clearing machines, sand-water separators, sedimentation tank sludge scrapers, single-arm transmission amplitude flow data, aerators, and sludge reflux pumps. Due to the different protocols of various on-site equipment, the HMI-Z7210 produced by Rocktech unifies relevant protocols, and achieves local data graph display. Through Ethernet WiFi 4G and other communications, MQTT uplink protocols, data cloud transmission is achieved. And then shared to the regional monitoring center, PC terminal, and mobile terminal. Realize global real-time monitoring of the entire chain data, and perform I/O reverse braking.
The technical parameters are as follows:

Screen size 7 inch
Resolution 1024*600
Display Color 24-bit True Color
Screen Type Capacitance screen/resistance screen
Protection level IP65front panel
OS Linux/Android
Ethernet 1*10M/100M/1000Mbps
UART 2*RS232+1*RS485
RS485 6*RS485(4* isolation type)
configuration software Touchwell
support protocol Modbus TCP/RTU 、MQTT 、OPC UA 、BAC net IP
DNP3.0、  DL/T645、 IEC-60870-5-101/104 
Working power supply DC9-42V
work environment operating temperature -20℃-70℃
Operating humidity 90%,non-condensing
Mechanical dimensions 210mm*157mm
Product certification CE/CCC



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